WelcomeHello! Thank you for visiting our website. Whether it turns out that we can help you or your loved ones or you find a different plan to suit your needs, I wish you the greatest success and happiness. No one should have to carry the burden of excess weight and all the problems that result. We would love to be your mentors, coaches, and guides as you learn to shed not only excessive body fat but, the self-doubt and hopelessness that are keeping you both heavy and repeatedly frustrated. We have been working for many years with patients just like you, developing an extensive arsenal of tools to help you correct the behaviors and metabolic problems that are preventing you from achieving weight-freedom. If you would like our help, give us a call, we can start today to put you on the path to leaner body and a lighter heart! You’ll be glad you did.

Ok, First:


Please don’t resist this statement before you read this. Many of you have found that a number of diets and weight loss plans have worked somewhat for you in the past, yet here you are again… What if this time it can be different? What if many of the things you have suspected about your body and metabolism are right? What if all the messages you’ve had from well-meaning, but misinformed friends, family, and physicians like “you just need to eat less and exercise more” were wrong? For many of you, IT DIDN’T work, did it? How could this be so, and how could such a simple sounding message be both so difficult to achieve, and, often, so ineffective?

The answers to this are complex, but let’s start here.

YOUR BODY DOES NOT KNOW FAT IS A BAD THING!!! Throughout 99.999% of human history, too much food was a very, very rare problem. We, for eons, were hunter-gatherers, spending the vast majority of our time, effort, and energy acquiring and protecting sources of food for ourselves and our social groups. And for almost that entire length of time, we barely had enough. You are the great, great, great (etc.) grandchildren of a people that survived countless, severe food shortages, diseases, wars, droughts, and so forth. We have to a very high degree, fine-tuned our genetic code to develop layer upon layer of redundant mechanisms to maintain body fat when the calories aren’t available. Having too much food is a brand-spanking new problem to the human race, genetically speaking. Farming is only about 10,000 years old, industrialization, only about 400, sit-down jobs, computers, cheap drive-through restaurants, only about 50. Our bodies however, are still programmed to react and operate as if we may not see another meal for weeks.

Many of you suspect that low metabolism is a large part of your weight problems. And…you’re right!!!

Our program is designed to address a number of the causes of low metabolism and improve it. If we identify other medical or hormonal barriers to weight loss, we can alert your doctor or arrange medical treatment to correct these as well.

Just know that by plateauing, and resisting weight loss, your body thinks it is helping! Don’t be mad at it. If you see your body as your enemy, you are not going to go anywhere. You have to accept that it is the way it is, and we need to work together to help your body understand that we’re not trying to chop off a bunch of precious stored energy, we’re going to kindly and gently help it let the fat go. This is a subtle but essential element to achieving long term weight success. Any problem that you focus and focus on, you just make bigger. You correct a problem by going a different direction, and the problem dissolves in the distance. If this sounds philosophical, it is. But it’s not what you think you know, it is what you believe that determines your future.

Many of you have suspected that a big part of your weight trouble is your metabolism. And you’re right!! We will show you how to maximize your metabolism during weight loss and beyond.

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January 2022