Bariatric Surgery Care

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Care

Are you making positive strides to prepare for bariatric weight loss surgery?  A strong team can support your efforts, and help to speed and ease your trip. Our caring team of healthcare professionals provides a medically supervised weight loss program plus additional support through Patient Education Modules on weight loss nutrition, behavior change and exercise. Now is the time to adjust your eating and lifestyle behaviors to reduce your bariatric surgical risks, and get ready for the major diet and behavior changes following surgery and lifelong.  We can help.

Pre-surgical benefits of a New Direction Diet:

  • Weight loss enables the surgeon to more easily access the internal abdomen area
  • Dramatic health improvements decrease surgical risk
  • Reduced liver size increases the likelihood of being eligible for laparoscopic surgery
  • Optimal nutrition corrects pre-surgery vitamin/mineral deficiencies and better prepares your body for post-bariatric surgery recovery and continued weight loss

Post-Bariatric Surgery Care

Once you have bariatric surgery, it is essential to stay focused on your health and post-bariatric nutrition.  Replenish your body with nutrients to help you heal and preserve your lean body mass, and continue towards your weight loss goal.  Our post-bariatric nutrition supplements are ideal for your unique post-op needs.

Bari-Care: Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

20 grams of high-quality protein per serving and a full complement of vitamins and minerals

  • Low in sugar and fat
  • Perfect portion sizes as you progress through every stage of post-bariatric surgery care without product waste
  • Offered in 2 great-tasting flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla

Once you transition to food, an Outlook clinical weight management program can help you reach your weight loss or weight maintenance goals. You’ll receive support from a team of weight loss professionals who teach you strategies for a new healthy lifestyle.

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January 2022